WHAT is Workshop and WHY to use it?

Workshop is a powerful group activity that engages people in learning new things while there are sharing information, brainstorming new ideas and communicating actively with each other. The main idea behind each workshop is to create a proper space where we will prompt the participants to use their critical thinking, imagination and out of the box thinking when they are solving problems, analyzing situation or building strategies.

You have a specific topic that needs to be discussed, or you need to take an important decision/prepare a strategic action plan? You can call us and we will design and facilitate a tailor-made workshop day just for you. Or you can choose one from the listed below. They could be adjusted to your needs using our specific methodology.

World Café

While you’re drinking your coffee, you could have a talk, think, discuss and write on the tablecloths your insights about the topics important for you...

Step up. Think. Improve.

When we are facing a difficult situation or just want to optimize the results, the best thing to do is to step out and to see the bigger picture.

DISC Workshop

Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others...

MBTI Business Simulation for team growth

Demonstrate leadership skills and apply proven techniques in leading teams.

Idea Generator

… is all about finding creative/innovative solutions to real-business situations.

En(h-)vision/ Culture roll-on Workshop

Set up / refresh your vision & mission statement, verbalize your true beliefs (values) and make them alive in the organization!