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Personal Grow up

Do you know that you have hidden talent somewhere in your organization? They are employees who are way more experienced and knowledgeable than you think.

Let us find them!



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It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

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Wake up your hidden talents.
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Executive Business Coaching

In today’s corporate world organizations are run in a way that allows everyone to have a manager that’s his senior. In a perfect scenario, your manager will also be your mentor and coach. Unless you hold an executive role and there’s no one “above” you. Even though you have reached the top of the career pyramid, you still have an internal drive for personal development and self-actualization. Right? We can be the external mentor and coach you need.

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Mentoring is motivating and empowering the other person by sharing skills, lessons learned and life experience. Mentors raise the bar regarding a mentee’s potential and provide guidance, support, encouragement and constructive feedback to guide a person towards reaching their full potential, it’s a journey of shared discovery.

Done well, it can make a profound difference to the lives of mentees.

This kind of relationships are not for everyone.

However, a quality and productive mentoring relationship with the right person will provide huge benefits to you both. It is well worth spending time to find a proper mentor if you feel that this would benefit your learning and personal growth.

A mentoring relationship may also be a useful opportunity to work on a leadership style, coaching, or other communication skills you want to develop further.

Individual grow up sessions

Today the way we speak with others the way we act with them is essential to how they will see us. Things like good communication skills, emotional agility, the power to influence can help us create a big and lasting impression of others. But what can make us effective influencers? Self-awareness, of course. The ability to identify our personal style – how to listen actively, how to ask the right questions will help us towards overcoming barriers and making a rapport with the person on the other side.

In 5 sessions, we will help you grow and find your unknown talents. Using a variety of techniques such as 360-degree feedback or DISC, mentoring & coaching, our mentors will bring to the surface the hidden authenticity that will awake the best in you.

*The grow up sessions are everything but standard. The approach to each person is individually based on his/her specific needs.