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We believe in a non-ending growth.
We are craving to live in a community/organization/team that has a common growing mindset.
And we exist to let people and organizations (that are ready to do so) to unleash their potential, to improve their selves inside out – from mindset – to skills and behaviors.

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More than 15 years of expertise, more than 15 000 trained people, more than 270 clients.

Meet the People that make H-Vision projects come true.


Milena Hadziivanova


Psychologist. Executive Coach. HR Management Strateg. Motivational Speaker. “Dream Big & Act Smart” lady.


Yana Ilieva


Psychologist. Career Coach. Executive Search Expert. “Soft&Strong” lady in the team.


Vladimir Tsvetkov


Actor. Movie maker. Group Facilitator. “Humor/smiles delivery” guy in the team.


Rumen Simeonov


Psychologist. Consultant. Certified „Expert Personal Business skills” trainer. “Insights delivery” guy.


Antoniya Tsvetkova


Psychology student. Positive thinker. Dedicated person.

Our Clients love what we do

The H-Vision team has developed my management & salesforce at two banks I have managed: Allianz bank and Credit Agricole. For me as an Executive, the feedback has been very valuable in order to make right decisions and I recognize H-Vision as a truly reliable strategic partner. About the employees – they really enjoyed to be trained by H-Vision – because of their manner to train with passion, in a very innovative way. They provided not only new knowledge and skills but also ignite people to grow – as individuals and as teams.

Galia Dimitrova

Ex-Executive director Allianz bank, Ex-Executive director Credit Agricole, Managing Partner IRIS Solution
Not long ago we found ourselves at crossroads as a company. Growing at pace and employing aggressively - great! However, our youthful management team were facing challenges they weren't prepared for. Leadership, communication, conflict resolution...how do you teach yourself these skills? We needed help quickly, so we reached out to H-Vision. In no time we received a detailed annual plan of action and agreed on series of workshops expertly tailored to our needs. Probing, honest, open discussions focused on developing soft skills in our staff. I can think of many words to describe the level of experience and professionalism we were offered. The one closest to the result is "Inspirational". We now operate on a different level. Thank you, ladies! Oh, and that Team Building event in Arbanasi? Still being talked about

Velizar Dimitrov

Director, eDynamics
We have been together with H-Vision team for many years. If you are looking for an ordinary consulting company, you have to look elsewhere. H-Vision is an extraordinary team whose approach is way beyond outside the box. If you need help to build and take care of an extraordinary team than H-vison should be your first choice.

Goran Angelov

Training of sales team is a challenge for every trainer. H-Vision coped with it successfully due to their proactive approach in assessing participant skills and knowledge. They introduced training topics through group work and role-plays. Training we got was interactive and dynamic. Anyone who is undertaking career in sales can benefit from it.

Pavel Velev

Executive Director, Ustoi JSC
H-vision is one of those consulting companies that won't try to sell you their services, but rather build something tailored for you that will make difference, and you won't find already existing elsewhere. We had chance to run very engaging and successful culture and values roll out program for 9 months with all leaders from Telenor, as well as all staff yearly offsite for commercial teams. The beauty of tailored approach from H-vision and diversity of their staff is that, for every situation they manage to bring exciting themes and topics, relevant for the audience and the context. If you are looking for the partner who will challenge you and build the right thing for problem you are trying to solve, you are at the right place.

Goran Markovic

Chief Commercial Officer, Telenor
We are the first H-Vision's client/ customer – till now – almost 15 years of repayable, cooperative partnership. We grow up together - in difficult and productive times. H-vision has implemented various projects for us - through strategic HR, corporate culture, training, leadership development, 360-degree feedback, performance evaluation. Why do we choose them year after year? Because they grow, try new things, always have something to surprise us, understand us... And last but not least, because Milena is a great professional, charismatic, inspirational and true creator!

Valeria Jekova

CEO, INA Traiding
The team of H-Vision is a team of real professionals who always cope with the specific clients' needs. They are very flexible, very fast responsive and real consultants giving the best possible advices. Last but not least, working with them is real fun! Don't miss to try an unforgettable journey with them!

Radoslava Krosneva

Head of HR Directorate, DSK Bank
When I embarked on my journey as CEO of UNIQA Bulgaria, one of my first and utmost concerns was about rebuilding and strengthening the strategic HR function. H-Vision was a great partner in helping achieving it. UNIQA Bulgaria would not have grown that resilient and strong in the next ten years should Milena and her team were not with us in the beginning of this journey. I would not have been that successful leader without all I have learned back then from H-Vision. And most important, we would not have all the great people we do have now at UNIQA Bulgaria should our strategic HR was not elevated to where it is today. Thank you, H-Vision, keep on!

Nikolai Genchev

Chief Executive Officer, UNIQA
We are pleased to have a long-term and successful partnership with the H-Vision team. They are always correct and strict in the relations and commitments as partners. What we really appreciate when working with the H-Vision team is their high level of professionalism, an individual approach to our needs, the ability to combine knowledge of the subject with practical business experience, variety of role-playing games and simulations, case studies and exercises they use. They skillfully interweave tests and other tools in their trainings, allowing participants to learn more about themselves.

LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas

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