We are H-Vision

Our inspiration  is to transform people, teams and organizations with growing mindset and out-of-the-cliché attitude. That’s why we exist!

We are proud because:

  • Our clients become better and better in their businesses – they do not stop to grow
  • We may choose and work with companies that are likeminded – we have similar values
  • Our clients are real investors in people
  • We have more than 87% returning clients
  • We have clients that work with us from our very first year till now – more than 15 years – we develop each other
  • Our clients trust us – even in innovative (and little bit crazy ) projects

Why us?

We believe in growth mindset and practice what we preach.

The H-Vision’s Way (Values)

Be authentic. Be yourself - live in integrity.

We work with our personality but we’re not perfect. The important thing is to feel good in our skin, to have an overlap between what we think, believe, say and do.

Be honest with yourself, know yourself, name the things you like and don’t like. Do not run away from your emotions – do not beware of sadness, of difficult things – they make you strong and resilient. We cannot always be positive! Your commitment is to behave so that the things you do, come from you!

Have a human touch with your customers, strive for WOW solutions, make an extra mile for them.

Don’t let the presumption of what the customer wants to drive you. Listen to him, feel him, immerse yourself in his situation, make human contact. Then, with the confidence of your expertise, find a WOW solution that exceeded expectations and added value to his business. Be sincere, out of the cliché consistent and trustworthy to make this attitude stable and meaningful.

Learn from your stories! Change! Grow!

We are not perfect. Our mistakes build us … If we can talk to them! Move, try different ways, don’t jump in one place, be unconventional, train your senses – stay awake and curious!

Don’t look for excuses, dare to change!

Enjoy. Don’t take yourself so seriously – have fun!

Life cannot be just a pleasant place to live. There are some moments of weakness, of disappointment, but if you can’t then go back to pleasure, something has to change…

Dream big, act, seek ease in relationships, always give your maximum, do not save yourself, enjoy the people around you, enjoy you…

Accept that the reason for what is happening is you! Take the ownership!

You can contribute by being passive or active – we prefer the second!

Put the meaning in your daily routine.

You have very little time to decide whether you will leave a mark in the project/ client/ company/ life or you’ll just pass through them … Whether you’ll be a consumer or a creator.

It is important for us not only to go through the motion (whatever you do), but to take a step forward, to burn in what you do, never to save effort, to see the big picture, not to search for validation, to appreciate and to verbalize your gratitude for the trust and support and be able to enjoy the success (yours and those of others).

Meet the team


Milena Hadziivanova


Psychologist. Executive Coach. HR Management Strateg. Motivational Speaker. “Dream Big & Act Smart” lady.


Yana Ilieva


Psychologist. Career Coach. Executive Search Expert. “Soft&Strong” lady in the team.


Ivo Topalov


Professional Trainer. Story Teller. Writer. “Inspirational and AHA-moments” guy.


Iva Balasheva


Strategic HR Partner. Consultant.

“Straight to the point” girl.


Igor Damyanov


Actor. Singer. Corporate events delivery. Mentor. “You are magnificent” guy.


Nasko Mesechkov


Professional dancer. Dance trainer/coach. “Beyond your comfort zone” mentor.


Iliyan Boychev


Strategic partner. Corporate trainer. Sales addicted professional.


Zahari Vasilev


Sales & Leadership trainer. Certified coach. “Always acting to impact” guy.


Mihail Hristov


Athlete, Paralympic world champion. Motivational speaker. “Can do” attitude guy.


Angel Karaivanov


Grappling World Champion 2015. Fitness Coach. Teambuilding Delivery. Kick off sessions. “Strong body” guy.

Join the Team

We are not perfect but If you like to grow with us and join the team – just drop us a line



If you are enthusiastic person with a pinch of talent don’t hesitate to join our team.


The Best HR Consulting Project of The Year’2016

Project: “Emotional Intelligence in Interacting with Clients”

Client: First Investment Bank Trained: about 700 people (for 3 months)

Trained: about 700 people (for 3 months)