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Milena Hadziivanova


More than 20 years experience as a coach and strategic business partner
More than 5000 consulting and training projects
More than 15 000 trained people
More than 50 topics in the portfolio
H-Vision Managing Director
Founder of the Academy for Authentic Leadership
Lector at Sofia University, NBU. VUZF

Milena Hadzhiivanova is one of the business coaches in Bulgaria with a broad experience in different companies and a highly interactive approach, provocation, and insights into the needs of the audience and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors. She likes to create and use innovative approaches; she is bold in the choice of methods used in order to make people think and eager to develop.

Bashar Rahal


Actor and producer in more than 70 movies
More than 15 years living and working in the US
Real experience and expertise how to impact to the audience
Motivational speaker

Well known as an actor and a producer in the last few years, he changes the scene, taking part in different H-Vision’s projects for developing people and teams. He has very successfully fitted into the role of a business trainer with his different perspective, experience, and honest feedback to the audience.

Yana Ilieva


Yana has more than 12 years’ experience in the HR sphere. She works as a Project Manager at H-Vision. Her interest in people, their relationships, their desire to develop and change, keeps her engaged in various projects, both professionally and personally. Part of her experience includes career consulting, selection, and training of staff in Bulgarian and international companies. Participates in designing and conducting soft skills and motivational training.

Leads DiSC workshops to help improve communication, manage differences, and bring people together by building win-win relationships. The right person at the right place is a guarantee of success and personal happiness, this is the motto that guides her in her daily work.

#psychologist, career coach, DISC expert, and group dynamic training coach…

Vladimir Tsvetkov


Vlady has an Acting and Directing degree. Although he was part of Pepa Nikolova’s theater troupe and has roles in cinema – Undercover, Attraction, Sofia Residents in Excess, etc., he does not fit the stereotypes for an actor because he is not chaotic, unsent-minded and frivolous at all. On the contrary, he skillfully manages to combine his creative nature with his Capricorn discipline and result-driven orientation, and has been running his own advertising agency for 4 years.
He works with the world’s largest companies in the food industry and is known in the circles as the Master of national promotional games and campaigns in Bulgaria. Talking about Vlady as a friend, I can say that he is often the soul of the company, always smiling, full of jokes and music.

#actor, producer & marketing guru

Rumen Simeonov


Rumen is an organizational consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in the training and development of managers, traders, trainers, and employees in a wide range of business sectors.
A major focus on his activities is training links to the development of leadership and managerial competencies in the context of communicative and attitude behaviors related to the contemporary business environment.

#psychologist, certified trainer in “Xpert Personal Business skills” system

Iva Balasheva


Iva has vast experience as an HR manager and director in two big international companies – FESTO and UNIQA Insurance, in which she has the opportunity to develop the HR function from scratch and to participate in a range of strategic projects on a local and international level – talent management programs, grading systems, etc. Iva has specialized in strategic HR and helps small to medium size companies to develop their management team and to succeed in reaching their business goals through their engaged people.

#layer, master of HR management & development

Igor Damyanov


Always smiling and in a good mood, Igor is one of those artists who can do everything with ease. When he was nineteen, he left his hometown Vinica (Macedonia) to pursue his dream of studying theater. Now, he plays on the stage of the Drama Theater Blagoevgrad and Puppet Theater Blagoevgrad, participates in several TV shows, acts in different Bulgarian productions and in the spare time sings/leads karaoke shows. Igor knows what he does and does it well. With his endless enthusiasm, he is an important part of our team, making every working experience easy as a game.

#actor, singer, trainer, mentor

Nasko Mesechkov


Nasko is one of the very talented and young Bulgarian dancers and choreographers. Born in Sofia, he is one of the most successful people in the country and abroad. He appeared on the television screen with his participation in the dance reality shows: “Dancing Stars”, “Vip Dance”, “Bailando”. He has represented Bulgaria in numerous tournaments abroad. Becoming Bulgarian Latin Dance Champion for 2006, four times Vice-Champion qualifies for the semifinals of “Austria Open 2006 rising stars Latin”. Additionally, Nasko is a motivational trainer in H-vision’s team, helping people to step out of their comfort zone while learning some new moves.

 #dancer, trainer, mentor

Iliyan Boychev


liyan has more than 8 years of experience in the sphere of corporate training. He conducted projects for sales and administrative teams in factories, FMCG, insurance companies, banking and non-banking institutions, call centers, and in the luxury segment.
More than 5 years of experience in direct sales of life and non-life insurance products with national awards for best agent 2010-2011 and VIP Club Membership in Generali Group. His concept of work is that there should be always balanced between relationships and results, as results are more important, but chronologically, relationships come first.

#economist, MBA in Cotrugli Business School – Croatia

Zahari Vasilev


Zahari has over 13 years of experience in sales, sales training, negotiation, and customer service in major international companies. And it continues at full speed. He knows how teams work in areas such as telecommunications, finance, and IT because he himself was a part of them.
His strength is definitely in sales and sales management. Whether they are strategies or practical tricks such as sales scripts, negotiation skills or influence, and persuasion.
His goal is to help people be their best and to believe in their own potential.
In short, you can get from him the best from both worlds – sales and training. Did we mention that he is a certified coach from Erickson College Canada?

#marketing, group dynamics training & organizational behavior, certified coach from Erickson College