Step out. Think. Improve.

WHAT is hidden behind Step out. Think. Improve.?

When we are facing a difficult situation or just want to optimize the results, the best thing to do is to step out and to see the bigger picture.

Therefore, the main idea behind this workshop is to create a proper space where under the professional facilitation the participants will have the opportunity to look over the situation from another angel.

Using a specific methodology, we create space for reflection and analysis, where participants feel free of judgments and share their thoughts and knowledge.

Through the whole process, the focus is set on here and now.
With the help of the facilitator, the group identifies and verbalizes specific “bottlenecks”, which prevent the smooth work in the team.
After that, together as a team they go through all of them very thoroughly in order to name specific actions that will lead to change – designing at the end a specific action plan for improvement.

Additionally, “Step out. Think. Improve.” helps different teams to improve their communication, making them more sensitive about important topics in their work. After the workshop they are more aware of the other’s views, which definitely will improve their productivity and efficiency.

Just in 1 Day

We bring your team (management team, strategic team) together for an interactive workshop activity. After which the outcome will be a new perspective, a clear plan for improvement, people accountability and a piece of inspiration.


Milena Hadzhiivanova – psychologist, executive coach, trainer…

Milena is a business trainer with serious experience and a highly interactive approach. She uses provocative methods, diving deeper into people’s needs, and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors.


Milena Hadziivanova

Psychologist, Executive coach, Master trainer, Business consultant