Disc Workshop

Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others.

DISC workshop will not only help you to identify your own behavioral style, but to learn how to communicate better and appreciate the unique strengths and differences of others. Going through individual and group activities, you will become a better leader, communicator, team member and gain key strategies to create highly effective interpersonal relationships at work and at home.

Fun, educational and engaging DISC workshop.

By taking part in it, you will find out what the four main styles of behavior/ communication are and how they blend, clash and interact with others.

They are:

  • Dominance (D)
  • Influence (I)
  • Steadiness (S)
  • Compliance or Conscientiousness (C)

Why do you need DISC workshop?

Once individuals and teams increase their self-awareness it would benefit their mutual understanding of each other’s natural patterns of behavior which will affect their everyday actions, communication with others, improve interactions, reduce conflicts, and a lot more. Such teams tend to be more successful and collaborate better in achieving results.


Using DISC methodology, designed to provide accurate insight into a person’s strengths, communication style, areas for improvement and drivers. DiSC assessments predicts “How” someone will behave/ perform; PIAV (The Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Profile) tells you “Why”.

Human behavior is complex, yet predictable.

DISC is a powerful tool to understand people and predict their behavior, combined with interactive workshop it helps teams improve their communications, cooperation, and effectiveness.

What do you need to know about the DISC workshop?


The most important deliverable from this type of workshop is increased self-awareness and improved communication.

What are the outcomes from the workshop?

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Understand yourself and others better.
  • Potential blind spots.
  • Learn how different styles respond to conflict and stress.
  • Develop rewarding relationships.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflict.
  • Improve communication and leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn what motivates each style and how they solve problems.
  • Improve team building.
  • Give feedback to people in a style they can understand and accept.
  • A plan for personal and professional growth.

What are the main topic?

  • Understand the four main styles of behavior.
  • Increased self-awareness of our leading style of behavior.
  • How to recognize the styles of others.
  • How to adapt our own behaviors to improve interaction and communication.

How long?

4 /6 hours /
1-hour individual follow-up coaching on the profile of each participant based on TTI Success Insights® Individual Behavior Profile (DISC).


Yana Ilieva – psychologist, career coach, DISC expert and group dynamic training coach…

Yana’s experience includes career consulting, selection and training of staff in Bulgarian and international companies. Participates in designing and conducting of soft skills and motivational trainings.
Leads DiSC workshops to help improve communication, manage differences, and bring people together by building win-win relationships.


Yana Ilieva

Psychologist, Career coach, DISC expert, Group dynamic training coach