Idea Generator

WHAT is hidden behind the Idea Generator Workshop?

An ideation workshop is a dedicated session for coming up with new ideas. Because good ideas don’t just happen. Often, it’s a matter of actively facilitated innovation process.
Ideation workshops are a judgement-free zone: participants must feel free to explore and share novel ideas about a clear problem statement.That’s why the first step is to design a challenge that you need to solve.The main goal of the ideation workshop is to spark innovation.

Lateral thinking is the key, and there are some stages that bring the result: (specific methodology)

  • “going out” activity:
    – brain bank
    – stretch thinking
    – high energy levels
    – challenging people to develop as many new ideas as possible
  • “coming in” activity
    – making ideas more tangible and concrete
    – pushing people to create distinctive, rounded idea concepts
    – making sure the ideas are clear and powerful

In addition to coming up with brand new ideas, these sessions also have an impact on the team experience and group thought.

An ideation workshop presents the ideal opportunity to bring people together from different teams. By leveraging a diverse variety of perspectives, you’re much more likely to think outside the box and explore new alternatives.


Milena Hadzhiivanova – psychologist, executive coach, trainer…

Milena is a business trainer with serious experience and a highly interactive approach. She uses provocative methods, diving deeper into people’s needs, and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors.

Yana Ilieva – psychologist,  career coach, group facilitator…

Yana is the soft lady in the team. She can win you over with a smile and a good word, but don’t be fooled under the surface she is an excellent trainer with a lot of experience in different fields.

Vladimir Tsvetkov – actor, movie maker, group facilitator…

Vladimir is the secret weapon in H-vision’s team. With his positive attitude and out of the box thinking, Vladi can make the best out of each situation. His variety of skills is only an additional benefit, making him a great group facilitator.


Milena Hadziivanova

Psychologist, Executive coach, Master trainer, Business consultant

Yana Ilieva

Psychologist, Career Coach, Executive Search Expert

Vladimir Tsvetkov

Actor, Movie maker, Group facilitator