Train the trainers

What is hidden behind Train the trainers?

Regardless of how superior one trainer is, if he stops developing himself, he would be replaced by someone not that great but strongly motivated. At the same time, in an organizational context, the qualified trainer will bring value to the team and the company. While a mediocre one will turn the training into nothing rather than time and money waste.

According to statistic, 68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. Whereas, the business loses around 13,5 million dollars per year for ineffective training and development programs. Therefore, is really important for each trainer to be well equipped with the necessary skills to make the best out of each training program.

"You cannot make people learn, you must help them discover."

H-vision method - creativity, provocation, inspiration

Train the trainers is one interactive approach, mainly focused on the experience. Based on the knowledge of each trainer, we are trying to master their working mechanisms, so every training will go according to plan.

When it comes to developing trainers, our program aims to make final touches of participants’ behavior in front of people, to develop their presentation skills and the ability to reach the audience in order to convey their experience and enthusiasm as much as possible.
Train the trainers will give each participant a new perspective of their strengths and areas that need development.

What do you need to know about Train the trainers?

Main topics?

  • Understanding learning mechanisms
  • Trainer behavior during training
  • Dealing with difficulties during training
  • “You’re on the move” – ​​practice


New dates are coming soon.

For whom?

For each trainer who wants to develop his/her professional competences.


Upon request.


Milena Hadzhiivanova – psychologist, executive coach, trainer…

Milena Hadzhiivanova is one of the business coaches in Bulgaria with a broad experience in different companies and a highly interactive approach, provocation and insights into the needs of the audience and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors. She likes to create and use innovative approaches, she is bold in the choice of methods used in order to make people think and eager to develop.

Bashar Rahal – actor, producer, motivational speaker…

Well known as an actor and a producer in the last few years, he changes the scene, taking part in different H-Vision’s projects for developing people and teams. He has very successfully fitted into the role of a business trainer with his different perspective, experience, and honest feedback to the audience.

The unusual collaboration between an actor and psychologist creates a remarkable team and brings in itself power to the people who want to develop themselves – in a professional and personal plan.


Milena Hadziivanova

Psychologist, Executive coach, Master trainer, Business consultant