Present like TED. Public speaking.

WHAT is hidden behind Present like TED?

What do you think about Steve Jobs? One of the best speakers in the world, right? And what about Simon Sinek? Like Jobs, he is on the top of his game, too. But what would you think of them if you know that behind each presentation of Steve Jobs is hidden two days preparation or that in reality Simon Sinek is naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking to crowds?

The ability to talk in front of the public is a challenge for many people (apparently 75% of the population). Yet most professionals agree that public speaking is a powerful skill capable of transforming one’s business or career. So, we believe it’s worth the trouble.

The truth is… when we are talking about public speaking, the important thing is not what you say but rather how you say it. According to different studies behind each successful presentation stays 38% voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and only 7% is content. So, in other words, if you want your message to reach the audience, you must be passionate about it. You must make it alive.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel." - Carl W. Buechner

H-vision method - creativity, provocation, inspiration

We really believe that practice makes perfect. That’s why all of our activities are focused on the experience. During this course, you will find out how important is the body language, the para-verbal communication, the eye contact for the overall appearance.

No one is born as a professional speaker, and you can’t become one overnight. With this course, our main goal is to help each participant to understand the importance for himself and to find his personal presentation style that will make him unique and recognizable.

What do you need to know about Present like TED?

Main topics?

Main principles of a successful presentation

  • The presentation as a way of communication.
  • Approaches to the different types of presentations.
  • Basic principles in presentation.
  • Presentation organization.
  • Presentation elements.
  • Presentation structure.
  • Individual task: preparation of a structure for an upcoming presentation, according to the published criteria and rules.

Personal style of the presenter

  • Effective behavior during a presentation.
  • Use of space.
  • Use of the body energy (posture, gesture, mimics).
  • Preverbal communication – power, tone, voice modulation, pauses.
  • Interaction with the audience – stimulating questions and discussions.
  • Use of eye contact.
  • Camera shooting – analysis.

Working with visual resources

  • Types of perceptions. Specifics of adult perception. Visual concept.
  • The use of visualization in the presentation.
  • Use of charts, graphics, pictures.
  • Why is picture communication more effective? Types of memories analysis.
  • Text and tables, diagrams, abstract terms.
  • Planning visual resources.
  • Layout rules. Flipchart use.
  • Rules for POWERPOINT presentation – examples form the received projects; analysis.
  • Attention management.
  • Movie extract to illustrate the effect of visual presentation.
  • Group tasks (work in small groups) – preparation and realization of a presentation segment with visual resources.
  • Feedback and areas for development.

What are the trained completeness?

Self-awareness, Storytelling, Non-verbal communication, Impact of others and a lot more.


New dates are coming soon.

How long?

7 meetings.


Upon request.


Milena Hadzhiivanova – psychologist, executive coach, trainer…

Milena is a business trainer with serious experience and a highly interactive approach. She uses provocative methods, diving deeper into people’s needs, and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors.

Vladimir Tsvetkov – actor, movie maker, group facilitator…

Vladimir is the secret weapon in H-vision’s team. With his positive attitude and out of the box thinking, Vladi can make the best out of each situation. His variety of skills is only an additional benefit, making him a great group facilitator.

Igor Damyanov – actor, singer, group facilitator…

As an actor and a singer, Igor is pretty familiar with the stage and speaking in front of people. With his easy-going attitude, he can make everyone take out of their comfort zone and try something scary like presenting to people.


Milena Hadziivanova

Psychologist, Executive coach, Master trainer, Business consultant

Vladimir Tsvetkov

Actor, Movie maker, Group Facilitator.

Igor Damyanov

Actor, Singer, Group Facilitator.