Work from anywhere survey

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The world we live in today has changed drastically in just one year.

2021 will continue to bring complexity and ambiguity, making us adjust to uncertainty. However, this won’t stop us from analyzing the situation and planning for the desired future. What would happen to companies, people, and life in general? We invite you to share your thoughts with us – the 13 questions will take no more than 10 minutes of your time. The results will be shared during the Grow Remotes Summit/ 22-23 April 2021
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Thank you for sharing your opinion – this is what people and companies with a growth mindset do all the time!

1. Did your company practice remote work before March 2020?

2. What percentage of the employees in your company used to work remotely before 2020?

3. What percentage of the employees in your company are currently allowed to work remotely?

4. Do you intend to keep this model after the situation goes back to normal?

5. If it was up to you, would you make remote work a common practice?

6. I was affected by remote work:

7. Remote work affected my mental health:

8. Remote work allowed me to: - More than one answer is possible

9. What are WFA’s (work from anywhere) main challenges? More than one answer is possible

10. What new & different benefits do you think would stimulate remote workers? more than one answer is possible

11. What would you need to become a digital nomad/to work from anywhere? More than one answer is possible

12. What can Buglaria do to become an attractive destination for the digital nomads and anyone working remotely? More than one answer is possible

13. Would you like to address growRemotes Summit’s speakers any particular question?

You are….