Authentic Leadership
Academy – ALA 2021

13, 14, 15 MAY 2021

Leadership isn’t about titles. A leader is someone who other people are following, who can influence others. Regardless of their style, real and effective leaders are always AUTHENTIC.

ALA is an academy for Authentic leaders – people who express their real authenticity without using basic models or cliches. For those who daily must develop, influence, and lead people and teams.

ALA Мentors

Milena Hadzhiivanova

Psychologist/Certified Coach /HR Business Partner

Milena is a business trainer with serious experience and a highly interactive approach. She uses provocative methods, while diving deeper into people’s needs, and leading them towards changing attitudes and behaviors.

Bashar Rahal

Producer/ Actor/ Motivational speaker

Well known as an actor and a producer in the last few years, he changes the scene, taking part in different H-Vision’s projects for developing people and teams. He has very successfully fitted into the role of a business trainer with his different perspective, experience, and honest feedback to the audience.

The unusual collaboration between actor and psychologist creates a remarkable team and brings in itself power to the people who want to develop themselves – in a professional and personal plan.

ALA Program

13 MАY


  • Which are your values?
  • How do you integrate them?
  • Which are the critical lessons that shape your authenticity?
  • What drives you forward?
  • Which believes stop you?
  • How to learn from your history?
  • Which are your own “blind spots”?
  • “Talks” with your ego…

14 MAY

Story Telling

  • Why people follow you?- tell your story.
  • Make it powerful and authentic.
  • Your verbal and non-verbal influence.

Beyond your comfort zone

  • How to adapt to a changing environment?
  • Where ends your comfort zone?
  • How do you react when you are in a new situation?
  • Empathy – can it be useful?
  • Listening skills.
  • Prejudice.  Presumptions.

15 MAY

Authenticity in Practice

  • The attitude sets the results – see for yourself.
  • Your confidence and the perception of others.
  • Transformation into your business reality.
  • Leading by example.
  • Can there be an authenticity plan?
  • Your intentions.

H-vision Method

Provocative, creative, challenging 

Authentic Leadership Academy is not a standard business training. We provoke, challenge, require. Think fast and be creative. Our method is nothing but a product of experience and lessons that stimulate the sense – a little bit of theory, a lot of  practical cases, and  non-stoppable feedback.

Out of the comfort zone

Everything is happening out of the participants’ comfort zone. Because we grow and develop ourselves just there – in the new and unfamiliar – where we find our authenticity.

Experience, which you won’t forget

Authentic Leadership Academy has been designed as a game. Different, funny, and creative – with all of the seriousness which the work with people and business leadership requires. The participants are 24 hours in the “game” – time for sharing, thinking, and experiencing. A time, when together they explore and grow their abilities to find the #ALeader in themselves.

ALA Participants

The Academy is for people ready to challenge themselves, people who are looking for something new and unfamiliar. The group is out of 15 participants – middle/ top management, business owners, people who need to influence and lead others, developing themselves.

Prices and terms of participant


990 €

Standard price for 3 modules for 1 participant


600 €

By more than 2 participants from an organization you use preferential price with 40% DISCOUNT 


13 %

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For more information about the Authentic Leadership Academy, you can write to us at office@h-vision.com  or just call us: +359 885 699 213. For registration use the contact form.