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More than 20 years of expertise, more than 13 500 trained people, more than 114 clients. Meet us in our video.

H-Vision Extended Team

People that make H-Vision projects come true

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Milena Hadzhiivanova

Psychologist. Executive Coach. Business/ Management Strategic Partner. Story Teller.
Motivational Speaker. “Dream Big & Act Smart” lady

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Bashar Rahal

Producer. Actor. Motivational Speaker. Change driver. “Control freak” guy


Yana Ilieva

Psychologist. Career Coach. Executive Search Expert. “Soft&Strong” lady in the team


Ivo Topalov

Professional Trainer. Story Teller. Writer. “Inspirational and AHA-moments” guy


Vladimir Tsvetkov

Actor. Movie maker. Group Facilitator. “Humor/smiles delivery” guy in the team

11_Iva Balasheva

Iva Balasheva

Strategic HR Partner. Consultant. “Straight to the point” girl

10_Rumen Simeonov

Rumen Simeonov

Psychologist. Consultant. Certified „Expert Personal Business skills” trainer. “Insights delivery” guy


Igor Damyanov

Actor. Singer. Corporate events delivery. Mentor. “You are magnificent” guy.


Nasko Mesechkov

Proffesional dancer. Dance trainer/coach. “Beyond your comfort zone” mentor.

9_Angel Karaivanov

Angel Karaivanov

Grappling World Champion 2015. Fitness Coach. Teambuilding Delivery. Kick off sessions. “Strong body” guy


Ivo Yonchev

Actor. Movie Maker. Group Facilitator. “I love techno music” guy


We are proud because:

  • Our clients become better and better in their businesses – they do not stop to grow
  • We may choose and work with companies that are likeminded – we have similar values
  • Our clients are real investors in people
  • We have more than 87% returning clients
  • We have clients that work with us from our very first year till now – more than 11 years – we develop each other
  • Our clients trust us – even in innovative (and little bit crazy ) projects
And we are proud and thankful because… last year we were the winners!

#HVision was awarded with the prestigious award:

The Best HR Consulting Project of The Year’2016
Project: “Emotional Intelligence in Interacting with Clients”
Client: First Investment Bank
Trained: about 700 people (for 3 months)

Strategic HR

If you have already realized (by all your senses) that your people are really your biggest asset, you know that every investment in them it’s worth it, especially well addressed professional one.

We could support your efforts related to people in organization – their growth and improvement. Our approach is not to make things for themselves, but for particular reason and goal and to choose the right tool for your business situation. That’s why we have more than 87% returning clients for our almost 12-years history.

#HVision is an innovative HR consulting company that provides a wide range of services which can empower your employees to unleash their potential and maximize achievements. No matter if you are searching for your dream talent, or you want to develop someone already found – we could support with our proven expertise. ‘Cause when it comes to people, we are your people

We could provide the following services (and many more, specially designed for you):

HR Audit

Just to be sure that you are up to date (and well HR equipped)

You can’t continue using the same workflow that was created 20 years ago. Hello! It’s the new age. There are things such as employer branding, automation, data analysis, succession planning, strategic sourcing… and maybe we should stop here. Regardless of whether you have an internal or external HR department, we can audit your personnel management processes and prepare a report to tell you what needs upgrading. We can even go a step further and train your HR executives.

Executive Search

Find leaders who inspire, and not managers who give orders.

Every employee is “the face” of your company, but executive management should be the spine. Executives are the ones who should drive change and motivate employees to run along. You can’t afford to hire authoritarians and dictators… unless that’s your style? We’ll figure it out.

Strategic HR Projects

It’s cool to make a difference and see results. You should try it someday.

We can do a consulting project for anything and everything that’s related to human resources management. If you (or your HR dept.) have found a weak spot and would like it changed – we can support your efforts. Are you observing low engagement levels in the last year? Do you find it hard to source and attract talents? Is your compensation policy old and dusty? If you are experiencing one of these, or even something completely unrelated – let’s talk.

Assessment Centers

For the ones who deserve a promotion and it’s long overdue.

Do you know that you have hidden talent somewhere in your organization? They are employees who are way more experienced and knowledgeable than you think. Or employees who can surprisingly contribute to another department’s work. If their talent has gone unnoticed, these people might be getting demotivated by the day. Let us find them.

360 Degree Feedback platform

For things people don’t share in person. Or things customers hate.

Receiving feedback is as important as eating breakfast. But some topics are uncomfortable, and some discussions take time and… people choose to reschedule. Or not start them at all. This is why we made the flexible feedback platform for your employees. They will be able to give and receive constructive feedback anonymously, on demand, and without the need to create a “special occasion”. This will help you assess blind spots, manage conflict, benchmark performance to competences, plan trainings to fill gaps, and utilize your resources better. Learn more: http://www.insight2b.com/

Leadership Development

Create your own leadership model. Ditch the commandership.

It’s a common to promote senior employees to leadership roles without them actually having the skill set to manage other people. Nice! But let’s start talking about their personalities, self-awareness, attitude for continuous improvement – because that’s how leaders grow! We deliver tailor-made trainings where we help managers understand their team to lead with empathy and by example. We don’t believe in teaching theory, so you can prepare for a lot of practice, learning through exposure and solving real cases.

How to treat your Clients

And how not to be rude

It’s the 21st century and poor customer service is a sin. Your clients don’t need a robot at the front office, they want compassion and understanding. We will help your employees find their inner drive and their innate empathetic self, by putting them in the customer’s shoes and taking them through real situations

(Not your average) Team buildings

They aren’t just for fun

Team fun and team building aren’t equal and they shouldn’t be! The purpose of team buildings is to gather your employees and help them bring more value to your business… while also enjoying themselves as a side effect. Our team buildings don’t rely on conventional methods. Instead, prepare for something unexpected. You won’t know what will happen until it happens. You will have to step out of your habits. It will be uncomfortable. And amazing!

Engagement Projects

Make your employees stay… for once

Are you dealing with high attrition rates? Guess what. It’s most likely your fault. Employees leave for a reason – maybe they were disappointed, or maybe they didn’t receive any recognition. Maybe they were overloaded? Or many of these at once. We can dig deep to find the original issue and then propose the right plan to solve it.
Some things will not pleasure you, but we are absolutely direct – just to be completely useful. Of course, we are strictly confidential.

Inside-Out Employer Branding

You can’t market it, if it’s not nice

If you buy nice clothes, that doesn’t make you a better person. Similarly, when a company advertises its “great working environment” you don’t know whether that ad is saying the truth. Like anything nice, employer branding starts from the inside. We want to learn how your employees see the company and what they really enjoy about working there. This is what you want to promote!

#BestYourself for WOW teams
Call us for some innovative and uniting team events.


self improvement academies for business
#BestYourself are the newest innovative programs, designed from H-Vision professional team in term to go deeper and to support different kind of groups in their path for self-awareness and growth.
More info here: http://www.h-vision.com/resources/HVisionc.pdf

Authentic Leadership Academy
Manager ≠ Leader

To manage people means to build a rapport with different characters, background, emotions and ambitions. If you want to achieve that, you first have to turn to yourself. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses, challenge your fears and find your authentic self. ALA is the path to you becoming a true leader.

How to treat your Clients
And how not to be rude

It’s the 21st century and poor customer service is a sin. Your clients don’t need a robot at the front office, they want compassion and understanding. We will help your employees find their inner drive and their innate empathetic self, by putting them in the customer’s shoes and taking them through real situations.

Motivational Speaking
Get a message across and not just words out of your mouth

Nowadays everyone gets invited to do talks at conferences. You might have noticed two kinds of speakers: the ones that stand out, and the ones whose presentations are just “white noise”. Motivational speaking doesn’t really start with words. We can help you define you message, charm your audience and be remembered.

Teen Academy
A teenager is a diamond in the rough

Tomas Szazs once said: “People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates”. A teenager’s self is a like a book waiting to be written, a journey in its beginnings, a day in its dawn. We help teenagers discover their true strengths and develop them.

Executive Coaching

Step Up for Executives
It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top

In today’s corporate world organizations are run in a way that allows everyone to have a manager that’s his senior. In a perfect scenario, your manager will also be your mentor and coach. Unless you hold an executive role and there’s no one “above” you. Even though you have reached the top of the career pyramid, you still have an internal drive for personal development and self-actualization. Right? We can be the external mentor and coach you need.

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